How To Enhance The Efficiency Of Your FMCG Distributor Centre

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How To Enhance The Efficiency Of Your FMCG Distributor Centre

October 7, 2018 Transportation Services 0
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Operating a distributor centre is certainly not a walk in the park! There is so much to do and so many different types of relationships to handle, which makes it a very, very difficult task. The article below gives tips and suggestions that may help enhance the efficiency and performance of your operation.

Hire the right staff

The success of any establishment depends largely on the quality of its human capital. So make sure you hire the right people with the right attitude. You will always be able to train people and help them enhance their performances, but you will never be able to inculcate the right attitude towards work in them. So do yourself a favor and find people who will help make the organization’s work run smoothly. The type of establishment you are running involves long hours of work often in awful environmental conditions too. So it really is important to make sure all employees are motivated to work and are well aware of the type of work that they will be expected to do.

Monitor the performance of staff closely

You will be dealing with salesmen who will be on the road for the greater part of the day. If you don’t closely monitor them and their performances soon you will lose control of the operation. So ensure you do ad hoc supervisor visits to the stores they oversee to ensure distribution Adelaide of goods has been done properly and all routes have been covered. Maintain charts in the office to monitor their attendance, route coverage and target achievement.

Provide proper facilities

Make sure all the vehicles that are used in the operation are in great condition. Accidents must not happen on the roads! Your fleet of vehicles will certainly be deteriorating quite fast so always do repairs as and when need arises.

Use technological advancements

You can certainly use technology to enhance the performance of your workers by helping to do their jobs better. Invest in new order tracking software, warehouse management software and online fulfillment Adelaide methods. All of these advancements will help improve the quality of work that you deliver to your clients.

Keep the stores well organized

You will be handling a large number of SKUs of a company. Needless to say, therefore, you really will have to make sure your stores are well organized. Keep the items that you store safe from harmful substances and pests too. You will have to hire people to keep the stores organized. Used FIFO and LIFO methods as you deem fit to manage your inventories. Your business can help you earn large profits. You can make sure it runs smoothly by following these simple steps.

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